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Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC) HPMC-06

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ZHUOJUN® Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) is a natural polymer materials as raw materials,through a series of chemical processing and prepared non-ionic cellulose. It contains almost methyl cellulose(MC) of all the performance, your first choice for production of high quality building materials additives.To meet the needs of environmental protection, Our product with high water retention, dispersion, good fineness, good work ability, easy dissolution characteristics.It suitable for dry mortar building, both inside and outside wall putty powder milk (cream), adhesives, caulks, interface agents, coatings, self-leveling agent of new building materials.

Technical Data for HPMC-06 Series

Model No.



slightly off-white to beige powder

Methoxy Content (%)


Hydroxypropyl Content (%)


Gelation Temp. (℃)


pH Value


Viscosity Grade

(NDJ, 20% aqueous solution, mPa•s)

100, 000; 150, 000; 200, 000

Viscosity Grade

(Brookfield, 20% aqueous solution, mPa•s)

50, 000; 65, 000; 75, 000



exterior insulation finish system (EIFS); cement based plasters; self-leveling flooring compounds; masonry mortar etc.


-Improves water retention

-Improves adhesive strength
-Improves slip resistance

-Improve construction efficiency


Typical Applications

- Tile adhesives

- Wall putty

- Joint fillers


- Cement mortar


- Masonry mortar


- Cement based plasters


- Self-leveling flooring compounds


- External insulation and finish systems (EIFS)


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