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Water Repellent ZJ-WR80

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ZHUOJUN® ZJ-WR80 is highly efficient powdery water repellent. It's easily redispersible in water and free of any solvent, plasticizer and film-forming agents. It can be used in the dry mixing mortar system with cement and mineral as raw materials to prevent the absorption of water by capillary / pore in materials, greatly reduce the water absorption of base materials, and provide excellent water repellence properties for materials. It is especially suitable for tile adhesives, waterproof mortar, as well as plastering mortar and decoration mortar of exterior wall insulation system. Except excellent water repellence, it also provides benefits such as long-lasting efficiency, good workability, improving alkali resistance and  abrasion resistance, compatibility with other additives


Technical Data

Model No.



free-flowing white powder


silane based

Particle Size (μm)


Bulk Density (kg/m³)


Recommended Dosage

0.2%-1% of the cementitious dry-mix materials by weight


various construction mortar; cement-based plasters; grouts; joint fillers; EIFS; stucco; facade-render etc.

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